My Gratitude Goes to You Soldier

Dear Soldier,

I may not know your name and I wish I could change that but to start off here is a little about myself. I am a current Senior in high school in St.Louis Missouri, I like to spend my free time hanging out with friends, talking about our futures and talking about current events. Also as every male teen does, I spend a fair amount of time playing video games. I also have a hobby of flying drones! With all this being said I often find myself taking all these great things for granted and I have you and your fellow soldiers to thank for that. I cannot comprehend the loyalty, respect, and genuine character you have to be a part of the military for our country. My gratitude goes to you soldier, and I can’t wait to see what great things our military does for our nation. You are an unsung hero and I want you to remember that you are a hero to this nation and forever will be. Thank you!

-Connor Scherrer