Wiser U

The WiserU Career System Trains You EXACTLY How To Land A Career Position

The system consists of 10 progressive, step-by-step video modules with downloadable action guides, deep-dive guides and templates that walk you through the whole job search process and then trains you how to excel on the job. The system is based on in-depth research, testing and employer and recruiter surveys so that you can have the wisdom and confidence to know precisely what to do and what to say every step of the way.

Why Is Such Training So Important?

Consider These Eye-Opening Statistics:

  • 44% of college graduates under age 27 are unemployed or underemployed, despite the improving economy.
  • 94% or recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates, but only 13% of Millennials are on LinkedIn, most badly ... but if you learn to master LinkedIn, you have a 40 times great chance of landing a job.
  • 20% of resumes are rejected outright due to improper formatting and 75% are rejected for not matching the job.
  • Job seekers untrained in salary negotiation lose $500,000 on average during the course of their career.

Get started today to dramatically improve your job chances with the WiserU Career System!


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