God Cares

My name is Nile Ramsbottom. My wife and I started a charity called God Cares in 2009. We are a 501-C-3 non- profit organization. Our primary goal is to help veterans find employment. In that endeavor we work with Missouri Career Centers, the VA employment division ,and Focus Marines, to name a few, help get these deserving people employed. In addition we help them in many ways that other organizations evidently don’t, like: helping with rent, utilities, car insurance, car payments, tires, eye glasses for their children, winter coats for their children, etc. As I hope you can see, if a veteran wants to help themselves and is willing to work we are beside them all the way. We take a holistic approach individual by individual. Our charity has expanded and we now help veterans all over the US although our base is here in Warren County. We have helped 100’s of veterans and their families get to a better place in life over the last 8 years.

We are privately funded. No governmental support or corporate funding. 99.9% of the money we receive goes to help deserving people. We have no paid employees. Only volunteers. Our lone fundraiser is a golf tournament which we hold at Innsbrook each year. We normally have each golf hole flying an American flag with a holder off the green so the flag never touches the ground during putting. I love an honor guard and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. We would have all players surround the finishing green, prior to starting the tournament, the honor guard march in from the nearby trees, sing the national anthem by a well- known singer and pause for reflection of how grateful we are to these men and women who have given us our freedom.


To learn more go to www.god-cares-minstry.org